stage [stāj]
[ME < OFr estage < VL * staticum < L status, pp. of stare, to STAND]
1. a platform or dock
2. a scaffold for workmen
3. a level, floor, or story
a) a platform on which plays, speeches, etc. are presented
b) any area, as in an arena theater, in which actors perform
c) the whole working section of a theater, including the acting area, the backstage area, etc.
d) the theater, drama, or acting as a profession: with the
e) the scene of an event or series of events
f) the center of attention
5. a place where a stop is made on a journey, esp., formerly, a regular stopping point for a stagecoach
6. the distance or a part of a route between two stopping places; leg of a journey
7. short for STAGECOACH
8. a shelf attached to a microscope for holding the object to be viewed: see MICROSCOPE
9. a period, level, or degree in a process of development, growth, or change [the larval stage of an insect]
10. any of two or more propulsion units used, in sequence, as the launch vehicle of a missile, spacecraft, etc.: when no longer operational or useful, the lower stages usually separate and fall back to earth
11. Electronics a component, circuit, etc. that does one specific job, as amplification, while being a part of a larger, more complex system
12. Geol. a subdivision of a series of stratified rocks consisting of the rocks laid down during a geologic age
staged, staging
1. to present, represent, or exhibit on or as on a stage
2. to plan, arrange, and carry out [to stage a counteroffensive]
to be suitable for presentation on the stage [a play that stages well]
by easy stages or in easy stages
1. traveling only a short distance at a time
2. working or acting unhurriedly, with stops for rest

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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